Understanding Online Lottery Syndicates


online lottery syndicates

If you are a believer of luck, a good step towards amassing wealth for you can be to buy lottery tickets. And the probability of winning increases in case of the online lottery syndicates instead of buying them for your own. A syndicate is basically an association of people or a group of friends who buy multiple combinations to increase the chances of winning. The share of the prize that you enjoy in a syndicate is a bit lesser in this case. However, it is better to win a lesser amount in syndicates rather than losing.

And that is why the lottery syndicates have become so popular over the years. These syndicates can also be found online these days and a large number of people believe in buying tickets from there.

Syndicates are worth joining mainly if the jackpot is of a higher amount. Before joining a syndicate you should concentrate on the following key points:

  • The number of people forming the syndicate
  • The place from where the syndicate ticket should be bought
  • The national lottery game that you want to play

There is nothing called the ideal size of the syndicate. It mainly depends on the prize money. While a particular size can be regarded as the perfect size for one syndicate, it may seem to be too large for another one with a smaller prize money.

Dividing the total amount of jackpot by the number of people in the syndicate is something which will give you your own share. If you find this amount to be tempting, then only you should proceed. Otherwise, it will be better to buy your individual ticket.

If you are planning to set up an online lottery syndicate on your own, you need to choose a particular game, collect a group of players and make this syndicate well-known among your friends, fellow workers and neighbours. The more people join the syndicate, the bigger will be the chances of winning. And this win will benefit both you and your co-players. So, while forming the syndicate you should ideally try to bring in as many people as you can.

One of the key features of a syndicate should be a healthy communication among the team members. The team members should be close enough to each other and convey the news to the others if they win. They should also be enthusiastic about sharing the prize money with the others.

A few well-known lottery syndicates are:

  • Play ‘Lottery’: It has a few groups for lotteries such as EuroMilions, UK Lotto, Millionaire Raffle and many lotteries from USA and Spain.
  • You Play We Play: This is a great syndicate for lotteries like EuroMillions and Thunderball.
  • Love My Lotto (LML): You can play lotteries like UK Lotto, Millionaire Raffle etc. 
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